In response to market input, Dexerdry, Inc., has taken its unique patented designs to a new level of innovation – “The next generation is here!”

With the addition of a new engineered nailing flange, coupled with the proven dry zone technology of Dexerdry -- Fastendry combines both technologies to now offer the fastest way to install decking to create the dry zone, that special area under your outside deck.

Whether it be for more living space, an outdoor sitting area, an outside kitchen, or even ground level storage, using Fastendry will save you money, create a dry area, and can be installed much faster.

Fastendry is indeed – Fast, Dry and a (hidden) fastener.

Unique to Fastendry is the ability to install decking with a common pneumatic roofing or siding nail gun. Fastendry uses a 2- inch stainless ribbed nails.
No more screws, no more plugs, no more clips – it is all on one patented design.